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Affiliate Management Template

This powerful Affiliate Management template lets you efficiently manage all your affiliate accounts and affiliate sales, and organize all information in one place.
Affiliate Management
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While becoming an affiliate might be easy, keeping everything affiliate-related organized can be a lot more difficult than it seems. However, regardless of whether you are an affiliate or a business looking for the right people to be vocal about your products or services, Infinity’s Affiliate Management template can help you run your affiliate program or keep track of all the programs you’ve signed up for almost with your both eyes closed! 

Use our Affiliate Management template to:

  • Manage all the relevant information about your affiliate program or affiliate accounts, 

  • Keep track of payments, 

  • Keep track of everyone from your affiliate team,

  • Manage content for promotions, 

  • Safely store login credentials.

Benefits of Using Our Affiliate Management Template

  • Easily collaborate with your team members to build out an optimized and profitable affiliate business, 

  • Record affiliate partner details in one place, 

  • Calculate commissions and payment totals at a click, 

  • Check payment due dates,

  • Track revenue your affiliate partners are generating, or, if you are an affiliate, track how much money are you earning from each program, 

  • Filter out your best-performing affiliates.

Check out the video below to find out how to make the most of this template:

How to Use This Template

  • Load the “Affiliate Management” template from our Templates gallery or directly from your workspace,

  • If you’re an affiliate, list all of the programs you’ve signed up for, add links to their websites, referral links, and commissions in one folder,

  • If you’re running an affiliate program, list all of your affiliates and their contact info to this folder,

  • Store all your login credentials in a safe place, 

  • Track payouts or pay-ins, depending on whether you are an affiliate partner or a business. 

This Affiliate Management Template Best Works With: 


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