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Use this Lead List template to bring all prospective sales opportunities to one place, monitor convos, track won/lost leads, and improve your sales processes.
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You wouldn’t believe how easy it is for a lead to fall through the cracks. And, knowing leads are the driving force of your business, affording to lose even a single one is a luxury. That’s why you’ll need to create a list of leads when your lead volume starts growing, and Infinity’s Lead List template could be the extra boost you need to take those leads to another level. 

Use our Lead List template to:

  • Bring all your leads to a single location, 

  • Keep a clear record of who last touched base with a lead,

  • Sort and filter leads by priorities, source, and other attributes,

  • Track communications with leads, 

  • Plan follow-ups. 

Benefits of Using Infinity's Lead List Template

  • Have all lead data sorted and organized,

  • Promote transparency and accountability and measure every team member’s performance,

  • Easily evaluate potential sales, 

  • Analyze and upgrade your approach to leads,

  • Close leads quickly. 

How to Use This Template

  • Load the “Lead List” template from our Templates gallery or directly from your workspace.

  • Add all your leads along with their names, titles, companies, contact info, social media profiles, etc. to the Lead List board.

  • Write down the last time someone from the team contacted a lead and who that person was.

  • Set lead priorities to point out to the warmest leads.

  • Group leads by source and have them all displayed in an individual tab so you can analyze where most of your leads are coming from.

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