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Agile Development Template

Infinity’s Agile Development template will help you simplify the agile approach and let your team focus on boosting the product development processes.
Agile Development
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Infinity’s Agile Development template lets Product Owners and Scrum Masters have an overview of everything that’s happening in each sprint. Create tasks, assign time estimates, story points, and team members, track progress in a Kanban board, organize your backlog, and archive completed tasks. 

Using our Agile Development template, you can:

  • Plan and organize your sprints,

  • Manage backlog tasks by type and priority,

  • Keep track of release versions,

  • Use Kanban boards,

  • Store archived tasks.

  • Track team members’ task progress 

  • Leave feedback in real time

Benefits of Using Our Agile Development Template

  • Simplify and accelerate sprint planning,

  • Better organize your backlog,

  • Manage all items in one place,

  • Filter, group, and sort tasks,

  • Improve team collaboration.

How to Use This Template

  • Create tasks for your next sprint in the Current Sprint folder. Use the Columns view to organize tasks into To Do, In Progress, To Review, To Deploy, and Done columns. You can add, edit, and delete task labels to match them with your workflow.

  • Assign tasks to team members and add attributes like time estimates, deadlines, story points, attachments, etc. to keep all relevant information within a single item. Team members can leave feedback for others by commenting on tasks. 

  • Organize backlog tasks by using the Group feature to group them by priority into High, Medium, Low, or None batches.

  • Use the Table view to manage different types of backlog tasks: Story, Improvement, Bug, Refactor, Technical, or Website.

  • When managing your archive, you can use Sort to organize tasks by date or any other attribute.

  • In the Releases folder, create subfolders for each new release version. This way, you can filter tasks by source folder to get an overview of the desired version.

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