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Sprint Retrospective Template

Infinity’s Sprint Retrospective template lets you analyze the latest sprint. Acknowledge success, resolve questions, and plan improvements for the next sprint.
Sprint Retrospective
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Infinity’s Sprint Retrospective lets you utilize retrospective meetings in the optimal way. Get the most out of every meeting by following the steps described in the template and involve the whole team in celebrating success and learning from past mistakes.

Using our Sprint Retrospective template, you can:

  • Follow the step-by-step agenda to streamline meetings

  • Vote on the most important topics

  • Acknowledge achievements from the past sprint

  • Resolve questions regarding past and future sprints

  • Identify issues to be worked on

  • Plan future steps to improve the next sprint

Benefits of Using This Sprint Retrospective Template

  • Optimize meeting productivity by following an agenda

  • All team members are included in the process

  • Promote open communication and real-time feedback

  • Discover processes that need improvement

  • Plan actionable steps for improving future sprints

  • Reusable for all future sprint retrospective meetings

How to Use This Template

  • Open the Sprint Retrospective folder. Use the Agenda column to organize each sprint retrospective meeting.

  • In the first 5 minutes of the meeting, have team members write down every item they want to discuss and put it in the appropriate folder: Questions, What Went Well, or What Can Be Improved.

  • Have the team vote on the items they find relevant. The template will automatically put items with the most votes to the top of each column.

  • Discuss items in every column one by one. You can archive an item after it has been discussed. All archived items are stored in the Archive folder.

  • After the discussion, brainstorm and write down the next steps based on the feedback and the findings from this sprint retrospective.

  • Use this template again for the next sprint retrospective.

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