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Client Work Management Template

Our Client Work Management template will help you create a great client onboarding and management system that will ultimately increase client retention rates.
Client Work Management
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If you’re losing clients in the onboarding process or having trouble with client retention, fear not! Infinity’s Client Work Management template is here to help you not only define and organize your client onboarding, but also design a client management system that will impress both your clients and your team. The Client Work Management template will help you:

  • Build custom onboarding & work management processes,

  • Define the structure of both processes,

  • Organize, manage, and track the progress of your tasks,

  • Create a repeatable set of steps for your team,

  • Share the system with your clients,

  • Organize all of the projects, tasks, and data in a single place.

NOTE: This template is used in parts two and three of our free training for agency owners, consultants, and service providers. You can find the videos here:

Benefits of Using the Client Work Management Template

What are some of the main advantages of using this client management template?

  • Creates a well-defined, organized client onboarding and work management system,

  • Keeps all the goals, tasks, and projects related to a client in one place,

  • Makes it a breeze for your team to keep an eye on what they’re supposed to do,

  • Lets you client participate in every part of onboarding and work management, instilling trust and increasing transparency,

  • Gives you a space for all your resources, accounts, and assets, eliminating the need for different tools,

  • Will ultimately help you boost your onboarding and retention rates.

How to Use This Template

  • From the Templates gallery, click on the ‘Load Template’ button. In case you’re loading the template from your workspace, click on the plus sign to create a board, then ‘Load a Template’.

  • You can decide if you want to keep the demo data as a reference or delete it immediately.

  • Change the board name to the name of your client. Whenever you close a new client, you will create a new board in your workspace.

  • Use the “Onboarding” folder to define and organize the onboarding process for your client.

  • Use the remaining folders to organize goals, projects, and tasks for your team. You can easily add new projects/tasks, or delete the existing ones.

  • Open up new tabs for each of your team members and then filter out their tasks according to Assignees, so that they can keep track of their own tasks at all times.

  • Use the “Resources” folder to store any important documents you need access to, and use “Accounts” to manage different tools you’re using. Upload different creative documents to the “Assets” folder.

  • From the Board Manager, turn on Board Sharing and send the board to your client, if you want to.

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