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Simple Task List Template

Use Infinity’s Simple Task List template to tackle all your tasks in one place and never lose track of what needs to be done.
Simple Task List
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We all have different workflows and management systems, but there’s something super appealing about a task list. It just works. That’s why even the most evolved project management tools make sure to keep the list as one of the views, while some of them, like Infinity, go that extra mile to help you achieve more. 

We’ve created a customizable Simple Task List template that gives you full visibility of your tasks and more time to actually work on them instead of figuring out how to create a tasks list yourself.

Use Infinity’s Simple Task List template to: 

  • Quickly shoot tasks out of your head until, 

  • Make task lists you can customize later, 

  • Prioritize tasks on the list and set responsibilities,

  • Easily track progress by using folders and grouping.

Benefits of Using Our Simple Task List Template 

  • Makes your tasks accessible at a click,

  • Gives you control of your day-to-day work even when you’re so busy you’re barely keeping your head above the water,

  • Empowers you to get organized and manage checklists and deadlines better, 

  • Lets you automate and schedule tasks so you always stay on top of what needs to be done,

  • Helps you feel a sense of accomplishment as tasks get completed.

How to Use This Template

  • Load the “Simple Task List” template from our Templates gallery or directly from your workspace,

  • Bring all your tasks on a board, assign labels to each (upcoming, to do, doing, done, or set custom labels), and group them by stage,

  • Color-code tabs and labels to make your board more fun,

  • Describe every task, set start and due dates, create checklists for complex tasks, and assign them if you are working with a team,

  • Move tasks across the board as you progress and give yourself a pat on the back as tasks get completed.

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