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Employee Scheduling Template

Our Employee Scheduling template simplifies HR processes, lets you create custom work schedules for every employee, and track their vacation and off days.
Employee Scheduling
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Having an employee schedule is a great idea, yet dealing with data on paper or making spreadsheets in Excel is not that great (especially if you have more than 50 people on your team).The good news is that Infinity’s Employee Scheduling template can bring a major improvement in your business efficiency and save you tons of time. 

Use it to:

  • Plan and schedule your team members’ shifts, 

  • Let them swap or drop shifts, or pick them up,

  • Get an at-a-glance weekly overview of what your teammates are on, 

  • Handle time off and vacation requests and sick leave forms and embed these forms on your website.

Benefits of Using This Employee Schedule Template 

  • Quickly see your staff schedule,

  • Plan schedules in advance by simply duplicating existing folders,

  • Adjust employee’s work schedule in a few clicks, 

  • Easily keep track of overtime,

  • Forecast labor costs,

  • Access it from both your desktop and mobile. 

How to Use This Employee Scheduling Template

  • Load the “Employee Scheduling” template from the Templates gallery or directly from your workspace,

  • Bring all your employee info in one folder (name, address, employment type, role, availability, and so on), 

  • Write down your employees’ birthdays in a separate tab and never miss an important date in the life of your team members,

  • Customize the “Employee Schedule” folder and track who’s available for work, when and for how many hours, and who’s taking a day off so you can plan work accordingly,

  • Finally, handle and keep track of your employee's vacation, sick leave, and day-off requests and plan workloads based on the availability of the rest of the crew.

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