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Infinity's Bug Tracker template will help you and your team report, track, and prioritize all the bugs you find in your software product development efforts. 
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It's easy to get overwhelmed when issues, errors, and bugs start piling up, and you don't know where to start and how to handle them all. But as we like to say: don't let the bugs get you down—use our Bug Tracker template instead! 

What exactly can you do with it? 

  • Track all bugs with ease,

  • See who’s working on each bug, 

  • Check bug urgency, 

  • Report new bugs that come across, 

  • Define your bug tracking cycle, 

  • Stay on track with the bug fixing process. 

This Bug Tracker template is ideal for product and dev teams alike, as well as test engineers, QA analysts, and any other teams that require a bug tracking system that can help them collaborate easily and act on problems promptly.

Benefits of Using This Bug Tracker Template

  • Detect bugs early and see where they are coming from, 

  • Collect all bugs in one place,

  • Get strategic at fixing bugs,

  • Delegate bug fixing tasks in a few clicks, 

  • Provide a better user experience for your customers,

  • Ship better products. 

How to Use This Template

  • Load the Bug Tracker template from the Templates gallery or directly from your workspace,

  • Create an item and describe the bug as closely as possible,

  • Set bug fixing priorities (low, medium, high),

  • Rate bugs by importance,

  • Assign bugs to different members of your team,

  • Use a form to collect feedback from your users and start working on new bugs right away. 

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