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Client Onboarding Template

Use our Client Onboarding template to gather all client info, strategy, and docs, jumpstart new client relationships, and make sure they stick around.
Client Onboarding
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Offer all new clients a warm welcome and a professional, friendly, and pleasant onboarding experience using our Client Onboarding template. If you give each and every client the treatment and attention they deserve, you’ll kick off things from the very first moment. This way, you can start building stronger relationships and make your clients always come back for more. 

Use our Client Onboarding template to:

  • Define your client onboarding process step-by-step,

  • Create a powerful strategy,

  • Define account management, 

  • Give new clients the royal treatment, 

  • Establish a smooth communication flow and make a great first impression,

  • Improve the quality of the service you are providing. 

Benefits of Using Our Client Onboarding Template 

  • Create a tailored onboarding experience,

  • Improve client retention rates, 

  • Boost your work-with-clients efficiency, 

  • Avoid/manage scope creep, 

  • Make clients comfortable and satisfied. 

How to Use This Template 

  • Load the Client Onboarding template from our Template gallery or directly from your workspace,

  • Define the general client onboarding process in detail (basic details, contracts and NDA, marketing and media resources, meetings) and organize it all by folders (preparation, strategy phase, kick-off stage, recap phase), 

  • Use our Forms to create a client questionnaire that will help you understand your clients’ needs better,

  • Duplicate the general “client onboarding” folder and tailor it for each new client to stay ahead of the process,

  • Tick away items from your customer onboarding checklists in seconds and ensure everything flows smoothly and no client slips through your fingers. 

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