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Social Media Calendar Template

Use our Social Media Calendar template to outline social media strategies, plan and manage posts, kick-start viral campaigns, and monitor your channels.
Social Media Calendar
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Building a highly engaging community starts with creating a well-thought-out strategy and consistently posting interesting and informative content to your social media channels. Our Social Media Calendar template can help you create effective campaigns, plan content relevant for your business, coordinate your posts, and track how each one is performing. 

What exactly can you use this Social Media Calendar template for?

  • Clearly define all the elements that comprise a successful social media strategy,

  • Set and achieve smart social media goals,

  • Plan posts that will engage your audience,

  • Kick-start and coordinate campaigns,

  • Tweak content for various social media channels, 

  • Track your social posting metrics,

  • Grow and maintain a community of loyal fans. 

Benefits of Using Our Social Media Calendar Template

  • Easily plan your social media strategy, put it in motion, and get organized,

  • Stay consistent in tone and subject matter and make audiences more engaged,

  • Monitor and measure which type of content works best and the time your followers are the most active, 

  • Put a full stop to posting duplicate or low-engagement content. 

How to Use This Template 

  • Load the Social Media Calendar template directly from your workspace or the Templates gallery, 

  • Create a weekly or monthly posting schedule for each social media channel you are trying to grow following on, 

  • Write captions for each post, include hashtags, set a publish date and time, and even attach images, videos, and other visuals you want to include in your posts,

  • Sort, filter, and group posts by social media channel or day of the week,

  • Have your posts displayed in a calendar by simply switching views,

  • Reschedule posts by dragging and dropping them to another date. 

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