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Sales CRM Template

Use this Sales CRM template to build a coherent sales plan, track interactions at every stage of the sales cycle, and learn where to focus your efforts.
Sales CRM
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According to HubSpot, 40% of companies still use spreadsheets to store customer data. On the other hand, those who use some type of sales CRM system, application, or template managed to improve access to customer data by 74% and experience up to 29% increase in sales. 

Shortly said—if you want your sales process to run like clockwork, you’ll need a tried-and-tested strategy that lets you keep track of all the important sales aspects. Infinity’s Sales CRM template helps you with all this, plus it makes it easy to prevent leads from slipping out of your funnel. 

Use this Sales CRM template to: 

  • Effectively capture leads, 

  • Single out the hottest leads,

  • Nurture leads to the successful closure of deals, 

  • Track sales pipelines.

Benefits of Using Our Sales CRM Template

  • Manage the entire sales cycle in one place,

  • Easily segment leads based on the probability of buying, 

  • Manage sales rep capacity,

  • Track and close more sales quickly and efficiently. 

How to Use This Template

  • Load the Sales CRM template from our Templates gallery or directly from your workspace,

  • Write down all business opportunities into a separate folder and link them to contacts,

  • Assign a status (qualified, outreached, negotiation, closed-won, and closed-lost) to every opportunity using the “label” attribute, 

  • Set priorities for every opportunity (low, medium, high),

  • Track the last contacted date and set next outreach dates,

  • List all the companies you’d like to work within a separate folder,

  • Group companies by industry and size,

  • Gather all relevant contacts in the “contacts” folder,

  • Add contacts’ names, email addresses, and social profiles.

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