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Use our Content Calendar template to quickly set up your entire content creation process, plan a content marketing strategy, and execute it on time.
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If you have any experience with content marketing, then you know that creating a high-performing content strategy relies on multiple factors—content creation, editing, publishing, promotion across different channels, and a lot more.

… And impeccable organization.

Luckily, Infinity’s Content Calendar template is here to help you organize your content creation process better, as well as prioritize your ideas, get an overview of everything that needs to be written and published, track your writers, and so on. 

With our Content Calendar, you’ll be able to:

  • Create a process that everyone on your team will be able to use,

  • Break down that process into smaller, manageable steps, 

  • Assign tasks to team members,

  • Keep track of deadlines,

  • Complete everything from small freelance projects to complex campaigns.

Benefits of Using Our Content Calendar Template

  • Keep an eye on all content pieces at all times, as well as things such as status, subtasks, deadlines, and any images/documents,

  • Organize your writing and publishing schedule in a neat, straightforward way,

  • Stay consistent with your posting for better engagement,

  • Keep your entire team on the same page, at all times.

  • Reduce stress by having everything prepared well in advance.

How to Use This Template

  • Load the template into your board,

  • Use the Table view to organize your tasks, and the Calendar view to see when your posts are due,

  • Add different attributes to your items: Status, Link, Document, Publish Date, Assignee, etc.

  • You can use the Description attribute for your KW research or any notes you might have,

  • In the Status tab, see in which stage is each of your posts: Idea, Writing, Editing, Published, and Promoted,

  • You can delete or hide any attributes you do not wish to see, and you can add custom colors to your labels, folders, etc.

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